A Webinar is simply a conference or seminar held online over the internet.


WEBINAR elements:


WEBINAR HOST- A technical person who manages all webinar aspects

WEBINAR PLATFORM - Application where webinar is created and hosted

SPEAKER - Person who will speak and present during webinar

ATTENDEES - Audience watching the webinar


Wide Audience Reach

Low Cost

No Geographic Limitation


Schedule Anytime

Any Device


Our WEBINAR Features



*Network Reliability Tests to ensure No Network Failures during the Webinar and that everyone is connected

*Browser Based No Download Required

*Fully Customizable Registration Forms with the ability to add your Company Consents (GDPR Compliant)

*15+ Customizable Landing Pages with your brand URL

*One Time Registration and one URL for Webinar Series (Multiple Webinars within a program or course)

*Customizable Webinar Rooms and Pre-Webinar Waiting Rooms

*Fully Interactive Webinars with HD Live Audio, Video, Screen Sharing


*No Presenter Limit and 1000 attendees

*Can be embedded into your website or any website

*Public & Private Chats between presenters and attendees

*Q&A with Upvoting

*Polls & Quizzes

*Lucky Draws

*Bring Anyone from Attendees On-Screen

*Distribute PDF Handouts

*Powerful Reporting & Analytics

*Facebook & YouTube Live Broadcasting

*Include Twitter Chat

*Sell Tickets


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