Speakers, Mixers, DSP, Microphones, comms & the list goes on…

Space Tune Events has a wide variety of audio equipment adaptable

to any scale of event. Corporate event, convention meeting,

theatrical production, exhibit or special event.

We understand all areas of audio and deliver practical assistance,

advice and support.



Space Tune Events video products vary from  projector units of 20K lumens plus a variety of smaller projectors.


Our video displays include big quantity of LED Video walls,

LED screens in various sizes from 18” up to 70”.

We also stock high quality video switchers &  signal distribution kits.



Intelligent Fixtures, LED Fixtures, Fresnel, Profile, Color Changers,

Follow Spot, Strobe, Lighting Desks, Haze, Smoke Machines

and the list goes on.

We also offer expertise in visual design and vision engineering.

So whether it’s lighting design,programming & operation,

content creation (for LED screens, projection or any display unit),

we can provide the full visual package with the comprehensive related engineering services to deliver consistently impressive results.



Space Tune Stocks more than 400m of Litec Truss that is suitable for exhibition, conferences, theatre or component part of a larger rig.

Available in silver finish with a range of accessories

including 6 way corners, variable corners, base plates, etc.


Curved sections available for making circular truss in 6m,

12m diameter- Silver finish.


We also stock CM Lodestar Motors, SRS 8-Way Motor Controller

& all accessories for same.



Our Staging System various sizes and heights provide

proven and optimized facilities for events. Uneven and

difficult ground conditions can be accommodated.



Bring your client’s production to life with scenic (soft)

backdrops along with enhanced room decor pieces

 in a variety of colors and sizes.

Watch as the panels comes alive as lit from

the well-placed stage lights.

Pipe & Drape Systems


Conference Solutions

We equip Conferences of every size, providing

technology to support general sessions, breakout rooms

and exhibits.


Our equipment includes discussion systems, simultaneous translations

& Audience response systems.


We also provide laptops, iPads, presentation clickers,

presentation timers & comfort monitors.

Discussion Systems

Translation Systems


Event Design & Graphics

Sketchup and CAD our two main software that can give our client exact look on how his event will look like.


For our Video Production we use Adobe Suite to create all our still and motion graphics.

Space Tune uses Virtual Reality technology to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user's physical presence

in a virtual or imaginary environment.

A person using virtual reality equipment is able to "look around" the artificial world and with high quality VR move about in it

and interact with virtual features or items.

3D Design

& Rendering

Light Visualization

Graphics & Animation Design


Special Projects

Virtual Reality