The perfect Mobile Dancefloor for weddings, parties, corporate events, theme nights.

The white starlight dance floor is what everyone is talking about. Finished in a stunning gloss white with hundreds of dazzling star lights, this dance floor brings style and sophistication to any event from a wedding to corporate launch.

The white LED dance floor is so versatile with the option to leave the star lights static or they can flash and twinkle at the press of a button. You can even slow the lights down or speed them up to the beat of the music.


Made from strong aluminum framing and high-gloss white acrylic, our modular LED dance floor units can be configured to fit any event space. You can use them for anything from a one-time event to a permanent fixture in a nightclub, lounge or catering venue. Because they’re modular they set up quickly, and you can change your dance floor’s size as needed.

If you’re having a fashion show, handing out awards or hosting any kind of event where you want to draw all eyes to one focal point, an elegant light up runway is the way to go.


Chic and stylish enough for the most posh event.

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